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Vinyl Fluid

Vinyl Fluid Records - Record Grade

All used vinyl has been cleaned, inspected and graded accordingly. We try to be as descriptive as possible for our customers. Please take a moment to read over the record grade and notes section before before purchasing used vinyl. All NEW and USED vinyl comes with a protective plastic sleeve to preserve your vinyl when not in use.


NEW: Self Explanatory.

NEAR MINT or NM: Very minor scuffs, if an will most likely have occurred during packaging, or removing record from inner sleeve but obviously it had been handled with extreme care. Will not affect play at all.

EXCELLENT or EX: A few more minor scuffs. Will play just like a near mint, meaning no audible noise will be heard during the play. They should sound as good or better than they look.

VERY GOOD PLUS or VG+: Minor Scuffs, with the possibility of a very slight scratch, if any. Will not affect play.

VERY GOOD or VG: Will show some wear, some scuffs and/or slight scratches. The surface noise will be a minor crackle or a slight hiss, but should only be heard inbetween tracks or in low musical passages.

GOOD or G: Vinyl Fluid Records does not sell this grade or lower ever...


NEW: Self Explanatory. Some minor flaws may have occurred from original packaging or shipping.

NEAR MINT or NM: Close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and/or age.

EXCELLENT or EX: Maybe some slight impressions to the cover but artwork should still be semi close to perfect. Any visible flaws will be noted in the "notes" section.

VERY GOOD PLUS or VG+: Some minor wear and/or age, with a few extra flaws make this grade but will be noted in the "notes section".

VERY GOOD or VG: Visible signs of wear and/or age. Any flaws will be noted in the "notes" section.

GOOD or G: Cover is obviously a lil' jacked from signs of wear and age. Probably won't see many of these on VFR.


OP = Original Pressing
RE = Reissue
TP = Test Pressing
PC = Promo Copy
SOL = Sticker on Label
WOL = Writing on Label

BC = Bent Corner on cover
CC = Cut Corner on cover
CW = Cover Wear
GS = Generic Sleeve (Black or White plain cover)
PH = Punch Hole on cover
PS = Promo Stamp on cover
RW = Ring Wear on cover
SP = Split Seem on cover
SCW = Slight Cover Wear
SOC = Sticker on Cover
SRW = Slight Ring Wear on Cover
WOC = Writing on Cover